7 Things Engineering Students Wished They Knew

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University years are supposed to be the most exciting years of your life but its not easy to lose focus and that’s why many engineering wished they knew this when they started university.

Starting a university is exciting as it marks the beginning full of promise and wealth of knowledge, meeting new people and paving the way for the future.

What You Should Expect As A First Year Engineering Student

Having said enough, distractions can also make you lose your focus, ranging from parties, events and extracurricular activities.

Beyond this, know that after graduation, life may not be as you thought it would be.

Here are things you need to know;

One: There Is No “Stupid Question”

Many students might make you feel bad cos of a crazy question, but be focused as you are there to learn.

So if you hold back and don’t ask questions, you’re only hurting yourself and your chances.

Start somewhere as everyone does and don’t think you need to know everything on the first teaching or lecture.

Two: Be Social

Studying is essentially important and you don’t have to put it aside. But it’s also important to move out and meet people too.

Being gregarious will not only make you have an alternative after studying but will help you develop your communication and social skills.

This will be a credit to you when you get into the job-seeking and business world after graduation.

Three: Don’t Feel Shy or Over-reactive

In your studies, you will have to work with people you don’t like or who are jerks or maybe a professor who is out there to make you feel miserable.

So whatever issues there may be, it’s up to you to rise above it. This is an invaluable training for real life as you may need it later in life.

Bottom line, be moderate, understanding and smart.

Four: Ask For Help When Needed

Don’t be a proud person cos it will get in the way of your success. We cannot do everything alone, we have limits.

If you’re struggling in understanding an equation or study, ask for help as this attitude can save you so much stress in the long run and there is nothing wrong in being humble.

Five: Try To Know Things That Come Your Way

The university carries a lot of information and definitely you will be exposed to many which can be boring and overwhelming.

Many jobs out there in the real world won’t just require all the knowledge you gained from your studies specialty, but that doesn’t mean to skip classes.

Everything learnt that comes your way provides you with the best basis for your work as it will help you become better in your profession and as a person.

Six: Push Yourself – Expand Your Knowledge

Don’t wait for the professor to show you all you need to know as that might not happen ever.

The internet and library are there for you to make use of and become better. Push yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Seven: You Are Not Assured A Job After Graduation

While your chances of getting employed as an engineer is good, there is no guaranteed job out there in the real world.

Study to make a difference with a passion and become the next Tesla, Microsoft.

Put your mind on your passion to study engineering and be occupied with solving problems.

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