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Android 9 Pie Is Taking Off To Google Pixel Phones Now

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Android 9 Pie is taking off to Google Pixel telephones now — here are the most critical updates

Google Android 9 Pie is taking off to Pixel telephones now. Android 9 Pie incorporates new controls to enable chop to down on cell phone fixation.

The new Android Pie likewise incorporates new motion controls.

Application dashboard

Application dashboard
Application dashboard

Google’s new application dashboard will give you a bird’s-eye perspective of how you utilize your Android phone.

You’ll perceive to what extent you’ve utilized your phone in a day and which applications you’ve utilized most.

This may enable you to understand that you invest an abundant excess energy flipping through Instagram, for instance.

It likewise demonstrates how frequently you’ve opened your phone, what number of notices you’ve gotten and empowers you to set time restrains on your applications.

Application timer

App Timer On Android 9 Pie
App Timer

From the application dashboard, you will have the capacity to take advantage of the applications you’re utilizing and set a period restrict for every day utilization.

Typically, you may do this for a tyke who invests excessively energy in an amusement, however this change will likewise enable you to confine to what extent you spend on any application, regardless of whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or Snapchat.

You can set a clock — whether it’s 15 minutes per day, 30 minutes or two hours, the decision is yours. After you’ve hit that, the application will dark out on your home screen and you won’t have the capacity to dispatch it.

Try not to exasperate

Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb

Right now, “don’t disturb” on most phones just keeps you from hearing notices. It’s great in case you’re in a gathering, yet not extraordinary in case you’re sitting in quaint little inn taking a gander at the screen.

The new don’t bother mode takes out every single visual pointer, so you won’t get alarms to new messages, Snaps or messages. Possibly you’ll at long last utilize your Android phone to peruse more.

Google is likewise including an element where you can turn the phone all over to actuate don’t bother consequently. No more supper intrusions.

Slow down

Bunches of cell phones currently have a component that squares out blue light at sleep time. That is the kind of light that can keep you up around evening time.

Google’s expanding on that with another “Slow Down” capacity that begins by disposing of blue light and afterward, as your preset sleep time approaches, begins to turn the screen to grayscale, which will make utilizing applications like Instagram less enticing.

Google says it trusts this will give clients “a chance to make sure to get the chance to rest at the time [they] need.”


Gestures On Android 9
Gestures On Android 9

The Android 9 Pie has loads of other new highlights, as well, including a spic and span signal interface that is like the iPhone X.

Rather than tapping an equipment or programming home catch, you can swipe up from the base of the screen to multitask or come back to the fundamental home screen.

Versatile battery

Adaptive Battery Screen
Adaptive Battery Screen

Android Pie incorporates another element called “Adaptive battery.” This ensures just the applications you require are utilizing your battery.

It should enable you to utilize your cell phone longer between charges.

Application activities

Android Pie will prescribe certain activities tha you may regularly take inside some applications. On the off chance that you more often than not dispatch Spotify and begin playing a stone playlist, for instance, it may offer a speedy alternate way to that playlist when you connect to earphones.


Cuts is a piece of “application activities” and is coming later this fall, Google said. Cuts will let you rapidly get to alternate routes in Google seek.

On the off chance that you look for Lift, for instance, you may see a snappy alternate way to book a Lift ride home. This spares you the inconvenience of opening Lift and afterward looking for your home.

The refresh is hitting Pixels today and will take off to other Android phones later this fall.

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  1. Android 9 pie might be the best thing that ever happened to android OS users.Tracks almost all your activities.Man that’s too much to ask for!

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