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Benefits Of Working At Google


There are many wonderful benefits of working at Google that I will wish to enjoy. These benefits range from medical, vision, dental, social and even paid vacation time.

Actually I don’t work at Google but I publish content and I’m on their payroll.

I’m gonna talk about some benefits that Google employees enjoy and cherish.

General Well-being: You may be good doing yoga and finding self-peace, but Google is bent on making sure Her employees are well taken care of. Google employees get “massage credits”. It may seem bizzare but it actually extends to the well-being of the employee. If an employee is involved in an accident or just gave birth, Google is ready to take your well-being even further.

New Parenting Breaks: Many companies give new parents about 6 weeks off after giving birth, but Google can give up to 18 weeks off and will even pay a bonus called “baby bonding bucks” shortly after the baby is born.

This bonus is to help the new parents take out expenses like formula, diapers during their paid leave. Now when the new parent comes back to work, Google gives free day-care services on site.

A Lot Of Co-workers: A good feeling comes when you have people working with you and also achieve a certain goal. At Google, employees make you feel good, relaxed and comfortable to work. Not only that you’re working with bright, intelligent minds in the Tech world but also you’ll be mingling with celebrity status employees.

Your Pet Is Welcome: Employees are nice and also push your thinking spree but having your pet at work is pretty cute as well. An employee is permitted to bring their pets to work.

Having a dog can help relief stress especially if the work you’re doing is just energy consuming. Looking out your window and seeing pets chasing each other can warm your spirit.

Fitness Programmes By Google: Google employs ways to get employees healthy and fit and they do this to prevent death to any worker untimely.

This programmes include sports field and courts and bikes to ride around.

So these are some of the benefits I know of from Google that its employees enjoy.

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