Samsung OLED Screen

Samsung’s New OLED Screen Certified As ‘Unbreakable’

People who love to or are usually careless with their phones and drop them often times have Samsung to thank for this new innovation. The company released information about its recent screen make. Samsung said a flexible screen survived severe testing conditions and can safely certify the screen as ‘unbreakable.’

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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Worth $150 Billion As Amazon Hits Untouched High

Cheerful Prime Day! Customers weren’t the main ones observing Amazon’s Prime Day Monday. Amazon speculators, including CEO Jeff Bezos, ought to be in a bubbly disposition, as well. (Despite the fact that there were some tech glitches.) Amazon’s (AMZN) stock hit another unsurpassed high on Monday. That implies Bezos – the world’s wealthiest individual – […]

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