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Google Plans To Return To China With New App.


Google has planned to launch its version of search engine in China that can hinder some web pages and search terms from showing, as this can mark a return for the company to a market it left eight years ago on censorship note.

Though the plan was argued out by some human rights advocates relating to the scrutiny of business deals involving united states tech companies which includes Facebook, Apple and Qualcomm as China has stepped up and also including trade wars tensions between China and United States.

Google had since quit china’s search market then in 2010 and has been sourcing ways to re-surface China where a good number of its products were withheld.

The plan to return to China was already underway since 2017 as a Project named “Dragonfly”, a source said.

Progress on the project came up late December when Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai and a top Chinese Government official met.

Search terms relating to religion, politics, human rights will be included in the terms banned to show in the app which had been shown to the Chinese Government.

The concluded version of the app can be launched in the next six to nine months depending on the consent from the Chinese officials.

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