How To Dry Your Wet Phone

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Android phone in rice grains

Many at times, we make some grave mistakes that costs us our mobile phones and we then have to spend enough money to get it fixed and in some cases, most times the mobile phone fails to resurrect. Here i’m going to show you how you can bring your wet phone back to life by making it dry following these steps.

This is a Do It Yourself moment and if you have this kind of problem, i suggest you act fast cos there could be a good chance for your phone to resuscitate.

First Step: Remove Battery

Cut off the power immediately by removing your battery. You may want to fell tempted to try putting your phone on to check if it still works. Resist the temptation as it can cause a short circuit in its panels. Also remember to take your SIM card off to avoid losing your phone book contacts saved in it.

Second Step: Dry Your Phone

Now get your phone dry and it should be done as soon as possible. Allowing the phone to dry naturally is not so good as it does not dispel the moisture properly with dust particles if involved. The best way is to blow or suck the water out of it. The use of appliances like hair dryer is a bad idea as it can fry your phones internal components. Its best to use a vacuum dryer that sucks. This will help to remove the water the same way it entered.

Third Step: Use A Desiccant Like Rice

A desiccant is then used to dry up the remaining moisture that the vacuum sucker could not suck out well. Rice is the most commonly used desiccant. This is done by putting the phone and its battery in a bowl of dry rice grains (un-boiled) overnight. Silica can be used if you have one. But the most important note here is not to use heat to get the phone and its parts dry. After the whole process, fix your battery and restart your phone.

In the case of your phone being soaked by salt water, first of all rinse the phone with water to dispel the salt that can dry up and spoil the smaller components of your phone before repeating the steps above.

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