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Samsung’s New OLED Screen Certified As ‘Unbreakable’

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Samsung announced recently that the phone screen survived extreme tests at high pressures and temperatures.

People who love to or are usually careless with their phones and drop them often times have Samsung to thank for this new innovation. The company released information about its recent screen make. Samsung said a flexible screen survived severe testing conditions and can safely certify the screen as ‘unbreakable.’

The Korean company announced through company-wide press statement that Underwriters Labs verified its bendable phone screens. From the company statement, this new phone screen was put through Underwriters Labs military-style drop testing.

These screens were released to fall at 28 successive drops at heights measuring 4 feet which is (1.2 meters).

According to the Korean Company, the screens were dropped to even 1.8 meters — which was a height involved in screen survey — the 1.7 m is still slightly higher than the US military standard .

The Underwriters Labs also tested the new Samsung screen in extreme temperature analysis.

Samsung used temperatures which were high as 71 degrees Celsius (159.8°F) and as low as -32 degrees Celsius (-25.6°F) for the tests.

This new type of phone screen would not be found in the recent models of the company’s Galaxy phone (nor found in the phone model after next).

Hojung Kim, a spokesperson for the Korean Company, said “The reinforced plastic screen is greatly suitable for portable electronic gadgets not just because of its unbreakable characteristics, but cos of its light-weight and hardness, which are majorly similar to glass,”

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