The Next VW Beetle Might Be Electric

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VW Beetle
VW Beetle

Gossip has it that another VW Beetle is coming in 2022, riding on VW’s new electric auto stage and likely picking up an arrangement of back entryways.

As far back as Volkswagen reported plans to make a cutting edge Microbus in light of its new electric-auto stage, we’ve thought about whether the automaker would do likewise with the Beetle.

Things being what they are, it may: Earlier this week, Autocar revealed that VW is thinking about building an electric, four-entryway Beetle, and our associates at Car and Driverseem to think along these lines, as well.

Absolutely, VW administrators have another electric Beetle on their brains. Last November, VW mark boss Herbert Deiss—a solid supporter for the advanced electric Microbus—glided a Beetle EV as a probability.

He likewise said a future Beetle be raise wheel drive, much the same as the first, and not at all like the two forms of the cutting edge, front-motor Beetle.

The present age Beetle will end creation sooner rather than later, and VW doesn’t have an immediate trade for it. In 2020, Volkswagen will dispatch the I.D. hatchback, the principal auto to ride on its new EV stage, and the Microbus-roused I.D. Buzz will land in 2022. In this way, if the Beetle were to make an arrival as an electric auto, we presumably wouldn’t see it until after 2022 at the most punctual.

Addressing Autocar, VW plan Klaus Bischoff affirmed that his group has outlined out ideas for a four-entryway Beetle riding on an indistinguishable stage from the I.D. incubate, yet nothing past that.

He says VW needs to concentrate hard on getting volume-pitching EVs to advertise before it can think about another Beetle.

The possibility of a four-entryway Beetle is intriguing. While an idealist may favor a two-entryway, the expansion of back entryways could give the Beetle substantially more extensive interest—a similar way Mini extended deals by presenting four-entryway variations of its own retro-motivated autos.

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